I’m a software developer who’s been tinkering with code in computers since the days of the ZX81, which I won when I was 10.  

After a long time developing in C# and SQL Server nowadays I mainly work with Dynamics CRM development and all the stuff that goes along with it.

I got the motor biking bug when I went on a jetski in Goa in 2015.  

Once we’d returned I did my CBT, rode a Honda CBR 125 for a year and then got my full license in 2016.  A Kawasaki 1000SX is my pride and joy currently.

Photography is my other passion, and I’ve been taking photos for several years now, either of landscapes or dogs..

One thought on “About”

  1. Long time no speak to sir. Hope you are well? Recent flood aside, which is horrible, everything else is good. I forgot you were into bikes. I did my mod1/2, got a Ducati monster 821 then an XDiavel. Must go for a ride someday. Are you still in the Cardiff neighbourhood?

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